5 Romantic Korean Dramas to Watch this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is up ahead. What better way to spend your day than to relax at home and do a K-drama marathon? Here are some romantic Korean dramas that will surely get your heart beating faster.

romance korean dramas to watch valentines day

  1. My Love from the Star

If you haven’t seen it yet, then it’s about time that you do so. My Love from the Star has the right balance of comedy, romance, drama and suspense that will make you laugh and cry. It’s a good watch if you’re looking for something light. The lead roles are played by Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun.

It is about Do Min Joon, an alien who arrived 400 years ago on Earth and then in present time, falls in love with popular actress, Cheon Song Yi.

  1. It’s Okay, It’s Love

It’s Okay, It’s Love is a romantic comedy infused with medical melodrama. Make sure to grab a box of tissues first before you start watching this because I assure you, you’ll be crying buckets. It is a story about hurt and healing and has brought out best in both Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin.

Jang Jae Yeol is a writer and radio DJ who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Ji Hae Soo is a psychiatrist who has a childhood trauma about love. Watch as the two fall in love and change each other’s lives as they try to heal their wounds.

  1. Fated to Love You

If you like romance where the chaebol heir falls for an ordinary girl, then this is the right one for you. I love how the characters were able to develop in this one. Plus, it’ll show you a new side of Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra’s acting is spot-on as always.

Fated to Love You is about Lee Gun and Kim Mi Yeong who accidentally had a one-night stand that resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. What will happen when a chaebol heir is forced to marry an ordinary girl?

  1. A Gentleman’s Dignity

This one is a romantic comedy that revolves around four men who are in their forties. Watch as they show what true friendship is and find love and suffer through breakups. I started watching this series without any great expectations and didn’t expect to find myself falling for the characters. It has a unique touch that I’m sure you will enjoy.

  1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

This is a great drama for people who likes historical dramas but want to keep it light. Park Yoochun and Park Min Young’s chemistry will keep your hearts a-flutter.

Set in an era where women aren’t allowed to get education nor find a job, Kim Yoon Hee disguises herself as a male in order to go to Sungkyunkwan, the highest educational institute, and get a job to help her family.

What other romantic Korean dramas do you want to watch for Valentine’s Day? Which ones do you recommend?


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