8 Facts About Cheese in the Trap’s Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin has been making waves in Asia with his current role as Yoo Jung in the drama series based on the popular webtoon Cheese in the trap. Here are some fun facts about the star.


  1. Aside from being an actor, Park Hae Jin is also a fashion designer. He even had a collaboration with V-Modern, a Chinese brand, in 2014!
  2. Remember getting the second lead syndrome when Park Hae Jin starred as Lee Hwi Kyung in My Love from the Star? He was supposed to have the villain role of Lee Jae Kyung but the role went instead to Shin Sung Rok.
  3. Even though he had previously said that he wants to get married at 35, the actor who will turn 35 next year commented that this is unlikely and that he doesn’t even have any thoughts about marriage right now.
  4. Park Hae Jin was exempted from the military service mandated by the Republic of Korea. It was because he had depression and sociophobia, plus he’s so near-sighted!
  5. You know that popular anime series Gundam? Park Hae Jin has a collection of Gundam figures and sneakers, too.
  6. The actor has proven again and again that he has a charitable heart. He even had a theater in China named after him because of his generosity. Even the proceeds from this theater he gave to charity.
  7. Park Hae Jin has a unique way of dealing with his haters. Instead of proceeding in suing the netizens who spread malicious comments about him. He invited those who apologized to do a community service program with him.
  8. Craving for more Park Hae Jin? See more of him in the series East of Eden, Doctor Stranger, and Bad Guys. I personally recommend Bad Guys because his acting there is great plus the plot and storyline are outstanding!

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