Top 10 Best Kissing Scenes (Valentine’s Edition) Part 1

As Korean drama fans, whenever we watch a romantic drama we’re like, “Where’s the kissing scene? Give it to me!!” and then “OMG. It’s happening. Score!” and then melts away in a puddle of giggles. Kissing scenes are the highlight of dramas and are most awaited by its viewers.

Before we move on to the main event, first let’s talk about what I look for when it comes to kissing scenes. There should be tension, originality, creativity, participation of both parties, a moving song, and great location. Based on these criteria, here are my top 10 most favorite kissing scenes in no particular order.

  1. My Love from the Star

My Love from the Star 15 Seconds Kiss

The tension build up of this kiss is what I really like. Plus, Jun Ji Hyun looked really cute making those faces. The heartbeat rate and the thumping sounds were also nice touches.

My Love from the Star Snow Kiss


Give them another point for originality and creativity. A snow kiss is nothing new but you have never seen a time-frozen woman kissed, have you? And like most snow kisses, this is picture perfect.

My Love from the Star Final Kiss

Though I generally don’t like wet kisses (from crying lol) I made an exception for this one because I enjoyed the build-up to this scene and both parties were both actively participating.


2. Master’s Sun

Master's Sun Kiss Did both actors actively participate in this kiss? No. Is the location noteworthy? No. So why is this one included in my top ten kisses? Well, it’s the build-up and tension that got me. I enjoyed their first kiss in this drama though I doubt Tae Gong Shil did. And let’s not forget the beautiful song too.

3. Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess Kitchen Towel Kiss

For Park Bo Young’s first onscreen kiss this is not bad. Not bad at all. Maybe because Jo Jung Suk oppa was there to take care of her.

I also liked that Shin Soon Ae, the ghost, left her body so Na Bong Sun at least experienced it.

4. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Kiss

This is the drama where I saw Jung Il Woo first and I was blown away with how well he kissed. And I always like it when the guy cradles the woman’s head like his making sure that she’s not getting away. Hahaha.

5. Healer

Healer Snow Beanie Kiss


This kiss would have been perfect for me if only Park Min Young’s eyes weren’t covered by the beanie. But it’s what made the kiss stand out from other snow kisses so I let it pass.


What are your most favorite kissing scenes? Did they make it to the part one of my Top Kisses? What would you have liked to seen included here?

Watch out for more awesome kisses in the part 2 of this Top 10 Best Kissing Scenes (Valentines Edition)!


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