Top 10 Best Kissing Scenes (Valentine’s Edition) Part 2

Here, I’ll continue listing the rest of my favorite kissing scenes for this Valentine’s Day. Check out the first part first for the things I look for in a great kissing scene.

6. Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus umbrella Kiss

I like the creativity in this one. The umbrella covering them made it felt like they have their own little world even if they were outdoors. I also liked the fact that Kim Young Ho fell in love with Kang Joo Eun and Oh My Venus Umbrella Kisscouldn’t resist kissing her even though she’s still chubby. The rain, his moving her glasses first and the umbrella are all nice touches. Thumbs up!

Did I mention that I really like So Ji Sub’s hands?

7. Iris

iris candy kiss

I really like the kisses in Iris but this candy kiss tops it all. Trust me, it’s a lot sweeter than the rest of kisses. (Insert winky face here.) And in Korean dramas where kisses are at times stiflingly boring, this is a nice change.

8. Pinocchio

Pinocchio kissFinally, we have Pinocchio. I was actually dreading this kiss because of Park Shin Hye’s history of bad kissing scenes but to my relief and surprise, Park Shin Hye nailed it. Kudos to Lee Jong Suk for bringing out the best in Park Shin Hye in this kiss.

9. Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill me heal me yona kissNext we have Kill Me, Heal Me Yona’s kiss. This is a fun, unexpected kiss and one that I’ll always remember. Yona saying, “Oppa! Oppa!” is priceless.

kill me heal me shin se gi kissThere’s also Shin Se Gi and Oh Ri Jin’s kiss. It was slow in a really, really nice way and I like how Shin Se Gi looked her in the eyes and then her lips before kissing her. The song, fireworks, lights and the bubbles are nice touches and added to the ethereal quality of this kiss. It’s bittersweet because we all know that they can’t be together and it broke my heart when a teardrop fell from Shin Se Gi’s eyes.

10. It’s Okay, It’s Love

It's Okay It's Love lake kissThis kiss hits the mark in all of my criteria. Especially the location. No need for snow or city lights on this one. And participation? A big YES!

It's Okay It's Love lake kissThis kiss is like a breath of fresh air. Instead of a fight or a sad moment, the scene that led up to the kiss is actually something fun. Plus, stop and pause kisses are great and this is a brilliant example of it.

I also like the way that they were both so into the kiss. I love how Ji Hae Soo’s hands slowly went up to hold Jang Jae Yeol’s face. First touching his shoulder, his neck and finally his face. And then he pulled her closer to him like he can’t get enough of her.

It’s a feel good kind of kiss. And one you should really watch.

Which kissing scenes are your favorite? Did they make it to my list? What kind of kiss would you like to see in Korean dramas in the future?


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