Dramas That Will Make You Fall Deeper for Park Hae Jin

Can’t get enough of Cheese in the Trap star Park Hae Jin? Need something to tide you over until the next episode? Well, this is the right post for you. More Korean dramas by Park Hae Jin coming up!

1. Like Land and Sky

like land and sky park hae jin

This is Park Hae Jin’s first lead role and his second drama. This drama, which is about family and romance, was a hit with an average of 30% viewership rating. You’re guaranteed to get a lot of Park Hae Jin in this one because it boasts a whopping 165 30-minute episodes.

Like Land and Sky won Park Hae Jin the Excellence Award for an actor in a serial drama and the the Best Couple Award together with Han Hyo Joo in the 2007 KBS Drama Awards.

2. East of Eden

east of eden park hae jin

A saga that focuses on the rivalry between two brothers, East of Eden is a romantic action drama with 56 episodes. Park Hae Jin plays the role of Shin Myung Hoon, the selfish son of Shin Tae Hwan (Jo Min Ki).

He won the award Best New Actor in the 2008 MBC Awards with this drama.

3. My Daughter Seo Young

my daughter seo young park hae jin

A 50-episode romantic family drama that was 2013’s highest rated Korean drama, My Daughter Seo Young revolves around the story of the twins Seo Young (Lee Bo Young) and Sang Woo, and their father Lee Sam Jae (Chun Ho Jin).

4. My Love from the Star

my love from another star

If you haven’t heard of this Korean drama then you might just be from the star. It is about the love story of a Joseon Dynasty alien, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun), and a popular Hallyu actress, Cheon Seong Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). Park Hae Jin was supposed to play the villain role of Lee Jae Kyung (Shin Sung Rok)  but there were casting changes and he played the role of Lee Hwi Kyung, the childhood friend of Cheon Seong Yi, instead.

5. Doctor Stranger

doctor stranger poster

If romantic medical dramas are your thing, then this is the right one for you. Park Hae Jin is Han Jae Joon in Doctor Stranger, a doctor who graduated from Harvard and Park Hoon’s (Lee Jong Suk) rival.

6. Bad Guys

bad guys poster

This Korean drama will tell you about the story of a detective and 3 convicts who forms a team that will be tasked to catch other criminals. Park Hae Joon is a psychopath serial killer with an IQ of 165.

Park Hae Jin won the KDA Award in the 8th Korea Drama Awards with his portrayal of Lee Jung Moon.

That’s it. I hope I’ve helped you get your daily fix for Park Hae Jin. Enjoy watching!


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