Na Yoon Kwon – The Sadness of Love (Please Come Back, Mister OST Part 6) Lyrics

please come back mister ost part 6 chokorea.jpg



The Sadness of Love
Na Yoon Kwon
Please Come Back, Mister OST Part 6



nae gongheohan du nune
meoreojyeo ganeun geudae moseup boyeoyo
geutorok ttatteuthaettdeon
bomnal gatattdeon geudaega

nan gidaryeosseoyo da almyeonseodo
naegen oji anheul siganeul
wonhago tto wonhaedo
gyeote meomul su eoptneun sarameul

aju gakkeumeun nae ireumdo saenggakhaettnayo
tteonaji mothan chae
geudaedo nacheoreom ulgo ittnayo
jeogi byeolcheoreom naneun
geu eotteon giyakdo huimangdo eopsi
geudael gidaryeosseoyo

geudael saranghaesseoyo sumanheun yaegideul
irwojil su eoptneun kkumeul
jiugo tto jiwodo
gyeolko ijeul su eoptneun sarameul

du beon dasineun geudaereul bol su eoptda haedo
sewori heureugo geu uimiga
bicceul ilheoganda haedo
jeonbuyeosseoyo geudaen hamkkehaessdeon
chueok geu seulpeumkkajido
o nan geu modeun geol saranghaesseoyo

English Translation

In my empty eyes,
I see you getting farther away
You, who used to be so warm like a spring day

I waited, even though I knew
Those times will never come to me
Although I wanted it so much
You’re a person who can’t stay by my side

Sometimes, did you think of my name?
Are you crying like I am, not able to leave?
Like that star, I have no promise or hope
And I waited for you

I loved you,
The endless stories, the dreams that can never come true
I erase and erase them
But you’re someone I can’t ever forget

Even if I can’t ever see you again
After time passes and the meaning loses its light
You were my everything
Even the memories and the sadness that was with you
I loved it all

English Translation: popgasa


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