Cute New Photos of the Descendants of the Sun’s Song-Song Couple

An answer to our prayers!

On April 5, Descendants of the Sun actress Song Hye Kyo has shared lots of Song-Song goodies via her Instagram. It’s obvious from these photos that they really have chemistry and one can’t help but wish that they’re dating for real.


In the caption, Song Hye Kyo said, “We met director Kim Ji Woon at the airport by accident.”



The next one, Song Joong Ki is again with Song Hye Kyo who said, “A gift for those who have waited so patiently. Wait, wait incidents!!✌”



Our Song-Song couple looks so badass in this one with their arms crossed. She said, “Captain Yoo doesn’t use Instagram so I’m spamming you with updates instead.”



This last one shows them fist bumping with Song Hye Kyo’s caption, “Comradeship! Loyalty!!”

Which one is your favorite Song-Song pic?

Source: Song Hye Kyo’s official Instagram, Follow her here @kyo1122.


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